Monday, April 26, 2021


I've done a number of discipline spankings recently.  These are spankings to which these ladies not only agreed, but requested. And yet, as time grew near they protested about the need to be spanked.  Here are some of the things they said as well as my replies. 

Why am I getting a spanking?

“You’ve been a pain in the ass long enough. Now it’s time to experience it for yourself.

I don’t think I need a spanking for that.

That’s why I’m in charge and you’re not.

I wasn’t that bad.

Ok. This paddle isn’t that bad either.

I explained why I did that. I had a reason

So do I. 

I already apologized for that.

And I appreciated it.  Bend over.

I don’t want anyone to see bruises. 

Wear more clothes.

How about just your hand? I mean, that really hurts all by itself because it’s so big and hard

We’re talking about my hand, right?   

Can’t we just wipe the slate clean at this point since it has been a while since you’ve seen me?

Yes, as soon as I’m done here.

I don’t want my bottom blistered!

I hear you, little girl. Too bad you weren’t hearing me earlier. 

You’re gonna spank my ass for ALL that? Can’t we work something out here?

You mean like an installment plan? How long till I own it? 

I know I lied but it was because I was high. I shouldn’t be held accountable for something I did while under the influence. 

So... you think being under the influence makes you less guilty???  How would that work out in court?

I give them credit for putting up sustained resistance. I also give them credit for taking the spankings they were destined to receive. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Smart Ass Smarts

I went to see Felicity one rainy morning. Schedules don’t always cooperate but we decided to meet for the short time we had anyway.

She wanted a discipline spanking (seems like lots of women want those). She has health issues and some bad habits which make her feel ashamed.  She wants to get her life in focus and she thinks spanking will help her get back on track.

She’s also a bit of a smartass with poor judgment on when to be one. She comments on my age, using terms like “senility” and suggesting I shouldn’t miss my nap, etc. I think she called me an ass at one point.  And that was before we met in person.

Although we only had time for a short session, because of her smartassery I decided to make our time together count. She can attest to the fact that for an old man I can pack a wallop.

Oh, she also wants to argue and negotiate, and she’s pretty persistent if not accomplished at it.   

“Not the paddle, not the paddle, please not the paddle!”

“That’s a good idea. Let’s use the paddle.”


Like I said, it was a short session, and so I asked her if we’d done enough to help motivate her. 

She held her hand out and waggled it.

“I suppose it was good enough.”

“Uh huh. That’s called ‘damning with faint praise.’”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means that good enough is not good enough. We’re not through. Come back over my lap. 


Afterward, I put my arms around her and said, “Let’s talk about the shame.”


“Does your spanking relieve you of some of that shame?”


“Good, because shame doesn’t help you make changes. In fact, it makes you worse.  Let the spanking free you up from the shame for a while, and then use that time to work on the changes.”


“Now let’s talk about the things you’re going to do different this week.”

She’s still a smartass—I don’t think she feels bad about that. And in truth, it doesn’t make me feel too bad because it gives me a reason to spank a naughty girl again.

Photos by Mick McGriffin, used with the permission of the subject. 2021

Thursday, April 8, 2021

A Dom Learns the Rules

"I truly believe that had you backed down and given in, all would have been in vain.  The discernment that you have and the ability to make wise decisions in difficult situations were remarkable."

Jane had once been in a DD marriage, where it is agreed that the husband is the Head of household and has the authority to spank his wife as he sees fit. It’s a full-time arrangement that can work out okay if the guy isn’t a horse’s ass, which Jane’s ex was. 

Anyway, she misses spanking and domination without the abuse. Jane would like a marriage partner who can participate responsibly as her leader. I made it clear that I was not looking for marriage, romance, or sex, and we initially decided we would stay in touch just as friends.  However, it occurred to us in our conversations that I could help her reach some of her goals through spanking--such as weight loss. exercise, and setting various personal boundaries.  I’d be a limited and temporary means of behavior modification with none of the other trappings of DD marriage. After giving it some thought we decided to give it a try.   

Our first meeting went differently than I expected. While we may focus a great deal on enforcing rules that help her meet her goals, this first spanking turned out to be about establishing her respect for my authority as her Dom.  

We met at her house. For a few moments, she bustled about the house nervously, talking a mile a minute... a form of procrastination.  I told her to leave what she was doing, come sit with me, and stop talking. I reviewed the things we expected from each other--we had already talked at length.  Even though I had heard what she told me before, I was not quite prepared mentally for our contest of wills. but she had warned me: 

First, she refused to use a safe word. I would have to decide when she had had enough.  

Second, she would not hold still but tended to kick and squirm and protest, trying to talk her way out of further punishment.  I should not allow myself to be influenced by her begging and negotiating. If I did, she would lose respect for me. 

Third, when she gave up resisting, I should not stop right away but go on for just a little longer.     

Ok, I said.  It’s time to go to the other room.  I led her by the hand and she reluctantly followed.  I sat on the bed and drew her over my lap to begin spanking her by hand. 

Before the first smack, she balled up her fists and clenched her eyes shut.  

"Aagghh!" she said after the first blow, which was more like a pat. 

“I’ve barely started, Jane,” I said, “Simmer down.”  

But she didn’t, she escalated quickly, kicking, twisting, and protesting.  

“If you don't hold still,” I said in my stern voice, "This is going to get much worse."  

She didn't comply

I stopped for a moment and made her take down her pants and panties. Then started again.  I smacked her repeatedly, very hard, until my hand hurt.  She continued to squirm.  

I stopped again and we both stood.  

"Bend over the bed,” I commanded. She complied. 

“You need to learn to obey me,” I said, as I slid my belt off slowly, making sure she could hear what I was doing. "I told you, the more you resist, the harder it’s going to be. Are you hearing me?"


"Are you hearing me?" I repeated quietly in her ear. 

"Yes, sir," she whispered. 

To be honest, I hadn't used a belt before--remember I'm a little new to this--so I paid attention to avoid wraparound.  Once I got the hang of it, I put some force into my swing.  And again, she commenced squirming, resulting in at least one lick going wild and hitting her lower back.  

I stopped and told her to go stand in the corner.  She had said it helped her. I wanted the time to change the pace and get more in control.  After a few minutes, I brought her back to the side of the bed and told her to remove the rest of her clothes, which brought about a new level of protests, but I insisted.  

I had her lay across my lap again, this time using a paddle while I held her arm behind her back. She had a great paddle for me to use, with just enough heft to really make its point, and I used it to make mine. She kicked and twisted some more but she couldn't escape the blows which I could now land more safely.  

I paddled her hard and for a long time, until finally... finally, she became still, even relaxed. I remember what she had said, so I continued a while longer until I decided it was enough.   

I examined her bottom which was red and bruised. Not all of it was my doing... her ex, the horse's ass, had paddled her a few days before.  My goodness, this woman could take it. I put some lotion on for her.  

We sat with my arm around her for over an hour. She was quiet and subdued, speaking with great deference. She has since told me how much she needed me to do just what I did.  

I'll be honest, the intensity of this was new to me and it scared me a bit. But I'll also be honest and say that, god help me, I loved it. I don't understand why I'm so drawn to this but I am.   

Later that day, Jane texted me, saying she was having both tears and euphoria. 

"I am filled with gratitude for you," she said. 

I told her I was concerned about how severe a spanking it was and she responded: 

"I have a lot of respect for you. I truly believe that had you backed down and given in, all would have been in vain.  The discernment that you have and the ability to make wise decisions in difficult situations were remarkable.

"And one more thing... Thank you for making me feel safe."

She has made it plain that she really wants me to see her again. I plan to.  


Photo by Mick McGriffin. You do not have permission to copy. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The First Time

"The first time is always exciting," she said. And she was right. 

It was not only my first time spanking Lisa. It was my first time spanking anyone in several years. 

I'd once been the HOH of a domestic discipline marriage but we divorced some time ago. When I left that marriage, I didn't think I'd have any interest in engaging ever again in adult spanking. But it turns out I was wrong. 

I still thought about spanking all the time and so I decided to reach out to see who was interested in being on the receiving end. I was upfront that I was not looking for a romantic, long-term relationship. Just someone who wanted a spanking every once in a while from an experienced dom. 

Lisa and I traded texts and then talked on the phone, and we talked of parameters and limits. We agreed there would be aftercare, including hugs, but no sex.  We'd originally talked about meeting for coffee but we'd already gotten to know each other a lot, so we agreed to proceed with the spanking when we met.  

We sat on the sofa and talked.  She was trembling. I asked her what she was feeling. 

"Nervous!" she said. "Why aren't you?" 

"I don't know." 

I've thought about it since then, I think it was because I was very focused. I was watching her face, eyes, her posture, how she held one hand in another, her rate of breathing, the temperature of her skin. 

Finally, I said, "It's time." 

I took her by the arm and guided her over my lap and began deliberately, savoring the first smack of my hand to her bottom.  She had told me that she was quiet when she got spanked, and she was.  No yelling or crying.  However, she gave me a delicious cheek flinch.  I'd meant to give a gentle warm-up, but I progressed quickly to harder blows, encouraged by the flinches.  

But there was little emotion shown. I stopped to check in with her.  

"I don't know you well enough to read you," I said, "So pull out of wherever you are and tell me what's going on.  She gave me monosyllabic answers, indicating that she was okay.  

I pulled up her short skirt to reveal pink panties--I had told her I did not care for thongs  And I began to scold her as I spanked--she told me earlier that she had drunk way too much the weekend before, so I addressed that.  I spoke softly while I smacked loudly.  And I made her respond... 

"You will drink more responsibly. Are you hearing me?"  


"Yes what?"

"Yes sir." 

I slid her panties down. It's a special moment to see a woman unclothed for the first time, I took in my breath at the sight of her reddened bottom.  

I began again, scolding gently, spanking harder. She remained silent but continued to flinch at the blows.  She kept her own implements and I used a couple of them. The leather paddle made her flinch more.  She got redder, and then a little swollen. Soon enough I decided to stop.  

I stroked her back and her hair, and noted that she was getting relaxed and sleepy.  We talked a bit, she put her clothes back on and we had coffee in the kitchen. 

After an appropriate interval, we went back to the sofa and began again. Off came the skirt, off came the panties, and this time the shirt and the bra.  She was beautiful.  

I told her that it didn't work for me to scold her over some trumped-up issue. She wanted/needed a spanking and I had decided to give it to her. It was as simple as that. I could do it because I was in charge and I liked doing it.  She wasn't a bad person. She didn't need to feel shame. She just needed to be spanked. And that's what I did.  

I used the wooden spoon while she stood and leaned over the back of the sofa.  A couple of smacks and flinches and I knew we had a winner.  I had her count them out. 

"One, sir. Two, sir, Three, sir..." Her voice began to tremble. 

After ten, I started over and had her say something different.

"One, thank you, sir, for spanking me. Two, thank you, sir, for spanking me..." 

We went quite a bit further than ten that time. The trembling in her voice increased. 

I continued, focusing hard to understand what I was seeing. I had been slowly realizing that while her response may have been minimal, her feelings were large, and I should not underestimate the power of her emotion. 

Finally, we stopped. Had I gone too far, or had I stopped too soon? She lay across my lap as I stroked her back. There was a relaxed light in her eye. She said she wanted to do it again soon, so we compared schedules. 

On my way home, I stopped for lunch and I got these texts from her: 

"What you did today was perfect. You made me feel comfortable and you delivered exactly what I needed."  

"It was more than I could have asked for or imagined."

"I loved your ability to read me and deliver a spanking that I did very much need. So thank you sir for my spanking today."

"You are somebody I would very much like to explore pushing my spanking boundaries." 

It was rather healing and beautiful. It's sort of this strange thing I have been looking for. It was more than just play."

All my life, I've focused on helping people heal and grow, and this was quite fulfilling to hear. It was a great introduction to a new part of my life.  

Lisa and I are going to meet again soon... I'll tell you all about it.  

Plus... there are others. 

PS: Lisa already told me how much she doesn't want me to use the spoon, so you know it'll be on the list of implements I'll be using. 

All photos in the post were taken by Mick McGriffin and published with permission from the subject. Do not use them without permission from this Dom.  


I've done a number of discipline spankings recently.  These are spankings to which these ladies not only agreed, but requested. And yet,...